Howard County Library System
Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015
Public Education for All

Compiled over the course of one year, Public Education for All: Howard County Library System’s Strategic Plan 2010-2015 continues the best of our previous strategic plan, Strong Foundations, Enduring Success, while adding clarity to our distinctive sense of purpose.

Howard County Library System's Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Howard County Library System's Strategic Plan 2005-2010

Howard County Library System Facilities Assessment and Master Plan: 2005 - 2030
Howard County Library System (HCLS) continues to experience significant growth in the community’s use of of its three-pronged curriculum: Self-Directed Education, Research Assistance & Instruction, and Instructive & Enlightening Experiences. HCLS outperforms peer libraries in almost all areas of standard accepted performance measures. To plan for future curriculum design and delivery in this growing jurisdiction, HCLS issued a request for consultant services to create a 25 year HCLS Facilities Assessment and Master Plan. The goal was to be able to provide for HCLS facilities that would not only be responsive to changing curriculum needs, but also anticipate curriculum needs and expectations of county residents. Providence Associates, Inc. was selected for the project and charged with:
Assessing HCLS' current curriculum and identify future curriculum
Studying the physical condition of existing HCLS facilities and determine the adequacy of those facilities to serve the current county population and the projected population through the year 2030
Devising standards
Making recommendations for all aspects of HCLS' capital program
Developing a program of requirements for a proposed HCLS Ellicott City Branch.

Providence began its work with HCLS' Administration, Project Team and Leadership Team in March 2004.