Howard County Library System
A+ Educators Library Card

As part of A+ Partners in Education, Howard County Library System offers an A+ Educator library card. This card gives teachers, faculty members, and home school instructors special borrowing privileges for materials used in preparing lessons or in assisting students with assignments.

All preschool, K-12 public, private school educators and post-secondary faculty members who teach in Howard County, as well as Howard County homeschool parents and guardians, are eligible for this card.

  • Public school teachers need to show their school identification and one additional form of positive identification with their home address.
  • Preschool and private school teachers need to show their school identification. If they do not have an ID card, they can bring a piece of letterhead stationery, a check stub, or a postmarked envelope with the school’s name. Teachers do not need to live in Howard County.
  • Homeschool parents and guardians must show proof of Howard County residence (personal Howard County Library System card or driver's license) and proof they are homeschooling in Howard County in compliance with application regulations (Assurance of Consent Form filed with the Howard County Board of Education or Proof of Enrollment in a nonpublic entity registered with the Maryland Department of Education to supervise home instruction).
  • Post-secondary faculty members need to show their school identification and one additional form of positive identification with their home address.

With this new card, educators may borrow up to 30 items each visit, keep materials as long as six weeks (42 days), borrow all library materials (except non-instructional videocassettes and DVDs), and renew materials once. A+ Educator library cards are not exempt from fines, but they do receive a 10-day grace period (materials returned within 10 days of the due date will be fine free). Educators are responsible for reserve fees (unless they are notified by email), replacement costs, and processing fees for lost materials.

Educator cards expire the day after the end of school in June and can be renewed at any time during the summer.

Educators are encouraged to use the A+ Educator library card in addition to their personal cards. Use the educator card for school related materials and personal cards for fiction videos and DVDs and personal reading and listening.

The A+ Educator library card is available at any branch or online.