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American Libraries (September 2012 issue); Baltimore Sun (October 14, 2012; February 21, 2013); Columbia Flier (February 21, 2013); Howard County Times (February 21, 2013); IMLS Web Conference (March 2013); Library Journal (June 15, 2013); Urban Library Council’s 2013 Top Innovator Award (June 2013); School Library Journal (October 7, 2013).

Sample Videos:

HCLS HiTech STEM Lab - Visual Overview

HCLS HiTech STEM Lab - 3D Robot Rendering

HCLS HiTech STEM Lab - The STEM Instructors

HiTech is funded in part through federal grants ($370K) from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and IMLS. Sponsors include the Friends of Howard County Library and Frank & Yolanda Bruno.

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