Howard County Library System
Zinio Instructions

Free, on demand, self-directed education at your finger tips.

Howard County Library System has partnered with Zinio to provide downloadable magazines for free to Howard County Library System cardholders. You can download and read these magazines on your home computer or smart device. To use this service, two accounts will need to be created:
  1. You will need to set up a RBDigital Gateway account for borrowing from the library
  2. You will also need an account on Zinio’s website for managing your personal reading list.
  3. You may want to use the same email and password for your RBDigital Gateway account and your separate Zinio account to avoid confusion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all of the magazines on Zinio' s full website are free to library users. Only magazines which you choose and check out via the RBDigital Gateway Zinio site will be free.  If you access magazines from the full Zinio site it will prompt you for payment.

Getting Started:

  • Connect to Howard County Library Systems RB Digital Gateway
  • Log into Zinio from the gateway and create an account or to log into an existing RBDigital Gateway Zinio account.
  • Browse the available magazines and click on any issue you would like to download and read. Zinio will prompt you for your password to complete the check out and to store the magazine in your library.
  • Now you are set to read your magazines.  Your downloaded magazines are available from the “Your Library” drop down menu at the top of the page.   Magazines can be viewed through your browser OR via apps for Ipad, Android, PC/MAC, Win 8, Nook HD and HD+ or Kindle Fire/HD devices so the magazine can be downloaded and read offline.

Help and Additional Information:

  •  Zinio’s Help Page includes a Tutorial Video and User Guides and a full list of Zinio Approved Devices.
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