Howard County Library Rube Goldberg Challenge

Put Toothpaste on a Toothbrush

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Atholton Elementary School

Eat, Sleep, Create Eat, Sleep, Create
Taped Up Toothbrushes Taped Up Toothbrushes
The Duct Tape Dudes The Duct Tape Dudes

Clarksville Elementary School

Funky Monkeys Funky Monkeys
Perfect Pasters Perfect Pasters
Super Cleaners Super Cleaners
Tangy Toothpaste Tangy Toothpaste
Team Toothpaste Team Toothpaste
The Cool Cavities The Cool Cavities

Clemens Crossing Elementary School

Epic Super-Ninjas Epic Super-Ninjas
Mr. Minty McFresh Mr. Minty McFresh

Dayton Oaks Elementary School

Green Team Green Team
Marble Madness Marble Madness
Mechanical Masterminds Mechanical Masterminds
The Floss Girls The Floss Girls
T.M.T. (Too Much Toothpaste) T.M.T. (Too Much Toothpaste)

Deep Run Elementary School

Cosmic Construction Crew Cosmic Construction Crew
Energetic Engineers Energetic Engineers

Ducketts Lane Elementary School

The Raging Reptiles The Raging Reptiles
West-Side Owls West-Side Owls

Elkridge Elementary School

Brainiacs Brainiacs
Like a Boss Like a Boss
The Gears The Gears

Forest Ridge Elementary School

Dentist Divas Dentist Divas
Ding Dong Dentists Ding Dong Dentists
Little Orthodontists Little Orthodontists
Triple T ( Tiny Toothpaste Tubes) Triple T ( Tiny Toothpaste Tubes)

Granite Classical Tutorial (Homeschool Tutorial)

Aqua Spinbrushers Aqua Spinbrushers

Hollifield Station Elementary School

Bullseye Brushers Bullseye Brushers
Cavity Killers Cavity Killers
Minty Green Minty Green
Team Coolgate Team Coolgate
The Paste Pounders The Paste Pounders
The Chocolate Constructors Toothtime, Incorporated

Ilchester Elementary School

Dynamite Dynamite
Mr. Bristles Mr. Bristles
The Three Dentateer Engineers The Three Dentateer Engineers

Running Brook Elementary School

Purple Panthers Purple Panthers

Talbott Springs Elementary School

Random Ravens Random Ravens
SBAJJ Tigers SBAJJ Tigers

Veterans Elementary School

Big Brush Theory Big Brush Theory
Calvin's Inventors Calvin's Inventors

Waterloo Elementary School

Cavity Creeps Cavity Creeps
Engineering Awesomeness Engineering Awesomeness